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Hellebores, also known as Christmas Rose and Lenten Rose, are versatile beauties and reliable cold-season favorites. They provide color from November through the early spring in the garden and some varieties can even come inside the house for a few weeks to enhance your holiday décor.

Start a tradition of bringing a Hellebore into your home for the holidays or giving one as a lovely hostess gift. For about the cost of a good bottle of wine, you can bring a beautiful, blooming hellebore to your next gathering and give the recipient a gift that will enhance their garden for years to come. Hellebores can stay inside the home for about 2 weeks so you can enjoy the flowers, then safely be transplanted outside.

Hellebores are very easy to grow; plant them in a partially shaded area in well drained soil and watch them shine! They are deer resistant and some varieties make a lovely ground cover planting, with their heavy, evergreen foliage.

When you put them back outside, make sure to acclimate them to the colder weather by leaving them out during the day and bringing them in at night for a few nights since they will be used to your warm and toasty home!


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