In Outdoor Gardens, Watson's Recommends

For anyone in need of a lift through the next month or two, look no further than the winter daphne, Daphne odora. They are in full bud right now, ready to burst into bloom within a week of two, and when they do, you will be incredibly happy that you have one. The exquisite scent is a compound of sweet and lemon-y and will stop you in your tracks. On our rare sunny days the aroma will waft all over your yard and neighborhood. The flowers are kind of small but the effect is huge. We carry three varieties: “Zuiko nishiki” with dark green leaves, aurea marginata and “Maejima”, both with variegated green and gold leaves, but all with the same wonderful scent. All varieties appreciate bright light in the winter but a little afternoon shade during the hottest summer months (near deciduous Japanese maples a great spot) and regular moisture but not soggy soil.



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